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Organizational Structure

The SUNDAWN battery is a manufacturer integrating design, production and sales. The company has three main work modules, including production center, sales center and administrative center, the organization chart and detailed description are as follows,

Organizational Structure



Production center

The production center includes R&D department, purchasing department, production department and quality inspection department.


The engineers in our R&D department have at least eight years of experience in lithium battery development and technical management. They are familiar with various BMS principles and product structure designs, and can independently complete high-end lithium battery projects.


Our purchasing department is responsible for strictly screening and purchasing high-quality materials that meet the requirements.


At present we have four complete production lines, each production link has a corresponding technician team responsible for them, and they must be responsible for their own production links.


Our quality control department will strictly inspect the materials, craftsmanship and packaging of the products. Products that do not meet the requirements will be returned to the production department and reworked until they meet the quality inspection requirements.


Sales center

The sales center is mainly composed of two parts: domestic sales department and international sales department. We initially started from the domestic market and provided lithium battery pack products to famous brands in various fields. Afterwards, many international traders approached us for cooperation. We supply to them and than they export to countries all over the world.
As a battery manufacturer with many years of industry experience, we have sufficient ability to provide global customers with lithium battery products that meet their needs. Therefore, we have established an international sales department to provide countries around the world with the most affordable and high-quality products. Until today, we already have 5 years of export experience. The main markets are Europe, North America, and some Middle East and African countries.


Administrative center

The administrative center is mainly composed of the finance department, the administration department, and the general manager’s office. As the backing force of the entire company’s operations, they play a role in linking, supporting and coordinating management in order to ensure the benign work of each department, so as to better service our customers.